Feb 28, 2014

Five for Friday - 2/28/14

It feels good to be back! 
(I've taken a few months off from blogging.)
Here's this week's Five for Friday...
I'm moving!  As in...
Yup-my family has packed up and is moving 
to a new town,
and we officially switch houses after school today. 

We will be renting a house (a much, much smaller one) until our home sells and then will look 
into purchasing or building a new one.

The best things about our new "borrowed" house...

-a FENCE! 
Oh, how I've always wanted a fence. 
Especially with four littles running around. 
It will be nice to have a fence that can do the job 
of containing them in the yard for me.

For the past seven years, my washer and dryer have been right smack in the 
middle of our main hallway. Quite an annoyance when laundry starts overflowing!
It will also be a perfect out-of-the-way time out/reflection area for my children to go. 
I recently saw a time-out bench...hmmm, I may need to look into getting one to go in that room.

The worst thing about our new "borrowed" house...

These mirrors in the kids room
Surely there must be something I can purchase that 
goes over the mirror to help protect it from shattering 
when it (and it will!) cracks?!

 My class made Tooth Fairies this week as we learned and talked about dental health.

I found the template to make these adorable friends FREE on TPT.
There were a ton of other free resources on there to also go along with this theme. 

My students look forward to losing a tooth during the school day because we pump it up when they do!

As soon as that little guy comes out, they get a tooth keepsake necklace to wear. 
Along with a sticker proclaiming their recently lost tooth and a tooth shaped eraser.
That night, they get take home a special book to read with their parents. 
Moose's Loose Tooth by Jacqueline A Clark

 I had my blog re-designed this week. 
BIG thanks to Hey Hey Designs and 
A Bird in Hand Designs
for all the wonderful changes you 
now see on my blog.
 Click here.  
Click here.
Hey Hey Designs custom made my adorable clipart. 
Did you notice that the girl's floor scraps on my new header spell out my name?
And she made me some cute pedicured feet too! 

They are both so very talented and absolutely wonderful to work with. 
I'm in love with the new look and 
lucky to have found them!

I just booked a flight and hotel in Vegas for the first ever TPT conference in July. 

The pictures of Treasure Island are taunting me
as we continue to endure through this awful winter here in Illinois. 


I'm looking forward to meeting some of the faces 
that belong to the stores that I stalk so regularly.

I'm also looking for some time away from the kids...
Woot! Woot! 

I'll be the lady walking around looking crazed,
who doesn't know what to do with herself! Ha!

One of my favorite Starbucks drinks is 
the sweetened black tea lemonade.
Here's a recipe I found from allrecipes.com 
to make your own-

5 cups of water
1/2 cup white sugar
3 orange pekoe tea bags
1 12 oz. can of lemonade concentrate

To make:
Bring 5 cups of water, along with the sugar, 
to a boil in a saucepan,
then remove from the heat and add the tea bags.
Allow the tea to steep while you mix 
the lemonade concentrate
and remaining water in a large pitcher. 
Pour the tea mixture into the lemonade, 
discarding tea bags.
Stir and refrigerate until cold before serving.


Now, I'm off to make some for ME...
~Til next time

Feb 24, 2014

TPT Cyber Sale 2/27 - 2/28

Start adding items to your cart because this big sale event is coming up fast!

Starting this Thursday, February 27th, save up to 28% on Teachers Pay Teachers 
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Are you prepared for the new Kindergarten science standards on Force and Motion?
This bundle includes nine activities that will make teaching this new topic a breeze for you and fun for the kids!
 Get an classroom poster set, emergent reader, pocket chart vocabulary words, cut/paste activities, mini foldable book, bowling experiment and more!
Looking for more?

Here's a best seller that includes a year's worth of morning work (or homework) that gives students practice in a variety of Common Core Math and English Language Arts standards.
This bundle includes all 10 sets. 
An Australian version is included as well! 
Each pack contains 25 different printouts 
(the first one has 30).
Like the looks of this?
Here's a similar series that is brand new!
There will be ten packs in all that will 
take students from beginner letter writing to paragraph writing in narratives, information/explanatory, and opinion piece papers.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the pages!

 Now it's time for me to go add some things that I've been eyeing to MY cart! 

See ya at the sale!
~Til next time