Jul 29, 2013

Giveaway Time!

It's that time!
In recognition of all the hard work (and thinking!) 
that you are beginning to do as the school 
year quickly approaches, 

I'm offering, as a giveaway, one of my most popular 
products from my store! 

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See rules below for entering.

Here's what you'll win...

$36 worth of Emergent Readers, Class Books, 
Activity Interactive Books, and Activity Mats

Emergent Readers Bundle - 

22 Student Books, 5 Class Books, 

10 sets of Activity Mats


These are made for Kindergarten students. 

There are 18 different themes included.

Entering is easy!

Contest Rules

1.) Contest begins now and ends 8/3 @ 7:00pm (Central Time)
2.) To enter, leave a comment on this post with your first name and last name initial (Becky C.) and what you are most looking forward to for the new school year.
3.) On 8/3 @ 7:00pm, I will use an online randomizer to choose a winner. Each name will be given a random number. The randomizer will choose a winning number.
4.) The winner will have 48 hours to contact me via email (see below) to claim prize. After 48 hours, they will forfeit prize and another winner will be chosen.
5.) Prize will be electronically delivered to your email. The winner will need to email me at thebarefootteacher@gmail.com
so that I can email them back with the product.

Have fun and good luck!
~ Till next time
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Thanks ALL for supporting my blog and entering my giveaway. I've decided to give away THREE of these bundles instead of just one. Winners have 48 hours to claim prize. Email thebarefootteacher@gmail.com to claim your prize. Winners who do not claim their prize by August 5th, 7pm (Central Time)will forfeit and the randomizer will generate a new winner. 

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And now...what you all have been waiting for ;) (Drumroll please!).......

1) Michelle Scotese
2) Carrie H.
3) Jen C.


To ALL who entered the drawing, I would LOVE to give you a FREE copy of my Common Core Everyday September morning work pages...just for entering! Email thebarefootteacher@gmail.com to claim this FREEBIE! :D 

Jul 10, 2013

Bablo and Friends...Forest Themed Characters

I just love the forest themed characters that seller, 
Let's Learn S'more
has created.

Have you seen her store?

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Not only did she give creative names to her forest animals, 
but she set up her products in a way that allows them to be used for a general forest theme as well. 

I particularly love these products because I use a 
camping/forest theme in my classroom 
with my kindergartners.  

To introduce her characters to my class this fall, 
I intend to use a coloring book that she made that 
allows you to "meet" the characters.

The animals you'll meet are Bablo Bear, Rascal Racoon, Oscar Owl, 
Darla Deer, Max Moose, Scurfer Squirrel, Skyler Skunk, & Felix Fox. 

It also comes with a matching class book.
Click here to check out this product.

Each book is 14 pages long, including a cover page. 
Look at this sneak peek:

I'm also going to use the adorable posters she 
made to hang up around my room. 

She offers them with both the character names on them and with the 
general animals names as well.

They come with a corresponding writing activity.
Here's just one of those pages:

I'm going to hang them around the room and let my students wander around to find them. Once they find the picture, they can write the word on the line. 

Click here to take a look at this poster set.

To further decorate my classroom, 
I use a lot of products from Oriental Trading

This centerpiece sits in my window box by our classroom door. 
And I use these dangling swirls to hang from the ceiling. 
Make sure there are plenty of tablecloths, plates, and napkins for a special forest snack!

Campfire Cupcakes

Look at this neat owl one...

Great end of year treat idea!

 Oriental Trading also sells the cutest little tent invitations 
that I send to my students right before school starts. I invite them 
to bring a flashlight (a wonderful idea I got from a co-worker!). They  use it to help them search for different things in the classroom on their first day. 

Looking for a fun, interactive, idea to get your kids started?
Let's Learn S'more!sells this emergent, activity reader that matches the theme perfectly:

There are two sets available. One has the general animal names (bear, fox, squirrel) and the other uses the character names (Bablo Bear, Felix Fox). 
To add even more fun, students use this sheet...
 to cut and paste onto the correct page. 
They practice positional wordsusing them as 
clues to figure out where the animals go. I love that this meets the Kindergarten Common Core standards as well!

To make it even better, the emergent reader pages are doubled on each sheet for easy copying and cutting. Saves time for busy teachers!
You can get this fun little reader here.

In need of a freebie
Let's Learn S'more offers a great one to go with this theme!  

In this download, Bablo Bear and his friends need your help 
to trace words for them. Each set of words is related to a specific topic 
for the animal on that page. All the words start with the same letter as the character. There are 16 pages total-ones for laminating for students to use over and over again with dry/erase markers, and ones for copying.

Looking for other ways to decorate?

Try this forest rug from IKEA...

Rug from IKEA. Might need this for my forest themed classroom.
And here's a neat tree idea I found on Pinterest with balloons.

Balloon Tree  {This is so creative... would be nice in a classroom library or by a science investigation area.  I wonder how long the balloons would last.} ??

Feeling crafty? Try making these owls out of paper lanterns.

to use with my lanterns

Or make a bear cave out of your bulletin board!

Making a Bulletin Board Bear Cave - Teachingthelittlepeople.com

Don't forget to sing about a bear hunt!

And read about it too...

Sit around a campfire while you read!

And if you're going to sit around a camp fire....
Don't forget the S'mores
Here's a less messy way to have S'mores in your class...

S'mores Blossoms

Speaking of S'mores...

Don't I have some chocolate somewhere around here?
~Til next time
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